Supporting birth mothers after adoption

Year: 2015
Topic: Adoption, Health and Wellbeing
Author: Vicki Welch, Andressa Gadda, Chris Jones, Emma Young, Jennifer Lerpiniere

What’s it all about?

The report describes an evaluation of the Chance4Change service provided by Scottish Adoption. It looks at the support required for birth mothers after their child has been adopted.

Who took part?

Most of the research came from birth mothers themselves. The evaluation involved a diverse group of women with high levels of need, who had faced a range of difficulties in their lives, which affected the way they responded to their children.

What did they gain from it?

Most mothers welcomed the proactive, flexible and trusted support they received individually and through group work. The shared activities were helpful in understanding that other families had similar problems.

And the outcome?

Chance4Change made a clear and positive difference for these women, and they valued the services they received.  The evaluation supports the idea that longer term support is necessary.