Supporting change in residential child care through the use of practice profiles and Active Implementation

Year: 2023
Topic: Active implementation, Residential care
Author: Aberlour Sycamore, CELCIS

In 2017, Aberlour Sycamore alongside CELCIS considered how consistent, high-quality residential child-care practice could be supported and implemented. Building upon the good practice already happening in Sycamore’s houses, together we started to vision what this might look and feel like for children and young people if delivered consistently, every day, in every house.

The aspiration is to positively impact on children’s and young people’s experiences and outcomes by offering support in a different way to the adults who care for them. The publishing of the Promise in 2020 aligned with these visions and aspirations.

Using Active Implementation, Aberlour Sycamore formed a Change Team and ensured the time and the resource to support the work. The team considered other programmes that have been implemented, what worked well or why some of these did not have a lasting impact.

To support the adults who care for children and young people, the team co-developed a practice profile that describes the high-quality residential child care in Aberlour Sycamore.


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Practice Profile