‘Being a student with care experience is very daunting’ Findings from a survey of care experienced students in Scottish colleges and universities

Year: 2019
Topic: Corporate parenting, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Legislation, Voices of young people
Author: Linda O’Neill, Neil Harrison, Nadine Fowler, Graham Connelly

CELCIS carried out, on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), the first Scotland-wide survey of care experienced students in Scotland's colleges and universities. The research aimed to broaden and deepen understanding of the barriers and enablers that care experienced students encounter in going to, being at and staying at college and university in Scotland.

The research took the form of an online survey which was completed by students with care experience who are studying at Scottish colleges and universities. Quantitative and qualitative analysis was carried out which led to 8 key learning points and 18 recommendations being put forward.

These learning points aim to focus the attention of practitioners, leaders and policy makers on the challenges and enabling factors which students with care experience encounter before and during study. The recommendations aim to set forth practical, solution focused actions that organisations should take to strengthen existing provision and make improvements in areas that students have identified.

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