Using data to improve children's care and protection

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Online discussion 24 February 2021

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The Covid-19 health crisis has challenged people and practitioners who care for children and young people in many ways. In this discussion, our data team offer a perspective on what’s changed in data use in the sector since the beginning of 2020, including the impact of the PACE programme, the growing importance of the child protection minimum dataset, and the role of data in response to COVID-19.

With colleagues from partner local authorities, our data team explore the direct impact that changes in provision informed by these data sets have had on children, young people and families.

The webinar closes with a discussion of where our approaches to using data to understand the experience of children to improve services have room to continue to grow and improve.

Who took part?

Taking part in the discussion were:

  • From CELCIS, Micky Anderson, Carol Ann Anderson, and Alexander McTier
  • Caroline McConnell, data lead at East Dunbartonshire
  • Scott McCallum, service manager at Midlothian
  • Pamela Hoey, social work manager at Argyll & Bute 
  • Craig Kellock, children's and families analyst at Scottish Government
  • Kerstin Jorna, senior officer at Dundee

Resources and tools mentioned in this webinar:

Minimum Dataset for Child Protection Committees in Scotland

Data matters: the role of Minimum Datasets in improving child protection processes

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