SIRCC 2022

Keynote speaker: Bill Kahn

William Kahn

We were delighted to welcome Bill Kahn as our Keynote Speaker this year. Bill Kahn, Ph.D, is an organisational psychologist and Department Chair and Professor of Management and Organizations at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. He teaches, publishes, and consults on the emotional complexities of organisational life and the implications for productive work, often focusing on caregiving organisations. He is particularly interested in how issues such as burnout and engagement are shaped at multiple levels of analysis -individual, interpersonal, within and between groups, and organisational.


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Falling Apart and Hanging Together: Notes on Resilient Caregiving Organisations

By sharing a story of a staff member who is ‘under pressure’, Bill will ask ‘what does it truly means to create a caregiving environment?’, thinking about what this means in practice, and how staff and leaders can model what they want for themselves across to the children and young people in their care, by focusing on collective resilience, trauma and love.