11 October 2018

25 Calls to change children’s lives for the better

Children in Scotland, the national membership organisation for the children’s sector in Scotland, is celebrating its 25th year by creating a plan of action surrounding children’s rights and equality.

25 Calls is about sharing Scotland’s hopes and ambitions for future generations and achieving real change.

The number one call reads: 'Change the language of poverty: young people deserve dignity, not stigma and discrimination'.

Chosen by young people supported by Glasgow charities PEEK (Possibilities for Each and Every Kid) and the GK Experience, the Call is focussed on the need to move away from tragic narratives about young people in poorer areas and recognise them and their communities as complex, with both strengths and challenges.

The charity has spoken to people who work with children every day, researchers into children’s development, charities who stand up for children’s rights, schools and nurseries, parents and carers, and children and young people themselves, to gather their views on what needs to change.

Jackie Brock, Chief Executive of Children in Scotland, commented:

'We are determined that these calls will not be left on the back-burner. These calls represent a demand for action, and we will be working with partners after the launch to hold those with the power to make change to account. As the independent, national voice of the children's sector in Scotland, we fully intend to use our influence to fight for children's rights, and for a brighter future'.

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