12 November 2015

European Social Services Conference - Call for workshops

Next year's conference will focus on how to best develop local solutions in order to empower communities, combat poverty and improve services. It will feature inspiring plenary sessions, interactive breakout sessions and many opportunities to network!

Shape the agenda

Do you want to present good practice, showcase new ideas and lead the discussion on latest trends in local social services?

Each year, ESN Members take an active part in the annual conference.

In Lisbon, they hosted interactive workshops from the Government of Catalonia, the German Association for Public and Private Welfare, the Municipality of Aarhus and the Association of Flemish Local Governments, among others. And next year, perhaps your organisation could be one of them!

To find out more on how you could contribute to the conference programme, please visit this page where you will find all relevant information in 5 languages.

Deadline for proposals is Monday 4 January 2016