21 May 2020

Fiona Duncan to chair oversight body to implement review of care

The Scottish Government has announced (21 May 2020) that Fiona Duncan has been appointed as the Chair of the independent body to provide oversight for the implementation of action in relation to the conclusions of Scotland's Independent Care Review in February.

The Review, announced by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2016, and Chaired by Fiona Duncan, listened to over 5,500 care experienced children and adults, and set out a blueprint for transformational change published in a set of five reports which covered the changes the Review recommended, plans for implementing changes, and the investment in services required.

At the time in response to the recommendations, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon committed to the establishment of a team to develop a detailed delivery plan, and the creation of an independent oversight body.

Announcing the appointment, John Swinney, Deputy First Minister said:

"The Scottish Government is fully committed to deliver on its pledge to care experienced people in Scotland by accepting and responding to the Care Review conclusions and by putting in place the infrastructure to implement the outcomes reached and '#KeepThePromise'.

"The COVID-19 emergency response has undoubtedly impacted upon the ability of the Scottish Government and key partners' to make as much progress as we would have wished to in our response in the short term.

"However, the Scottish Government has been working hard to ensure that the principles of the Care Review's "Promise" are reflected in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including in practice guidance and policies underpinning emergency legislation.

"I am pleased to advise Parliament that Fiona Duncan has agreed to Chair the oversight of implementation which will ensure the ethos, approach and commitments of the Care Review can be at the heart of this process. We will work with Fiona Duncan to put in place the necessary arrangements to ensure that the Promise is implemented in the way that the Review, care experienced people and the wider sector envisaged."

Welcoming the announcement, Claire Burns, Director (Acting) of CELCIS said:

"Fiona's appointment will ensure continuity, an ongoing commitment and focus on the principles underpinned in The Promise, and vitally, will ensure the continuing commitment to the voice of care experience being at the very heart of the transformational change needed in Scotland's care system.

"At CELCIS we are committed to keeping the Promise and look forward to continuing to work with Fiona to implement the change needed to improve the lives of infants, children, young people, and their families, in ways that uphold their rights."