14 March 2016

Final report by Commission on Widening Access

As part of the Scottish Government's ambition that every child should have an equal chance of accessing higher education, the Commission on Widening Access has published a ‘Blueprint for Fairness’.

The report made 34 recommendations setting out actions to make sure a student’s background is not a barrier to going to university. The recommendations support the goal of equal access for those from deprived backgrounds, or with care experience.

The report identifies a number of areas where early learning providers, schools, colleges and universities need to work closely together to achieve equal access, including an entitlement to the offer of a place and full bursary for students with care experience who meet the admissions thresholds.

The Scottish Government immediately accepted the Commission’s recommended targets that students from the 20 per cent most deprived areas make up 20 per cent of Higher Education entrants by 2030.