25 February 2016

Timetable for the new Level 9 qualification announced

We welcome the Scottish Government's announcement of a timetable for implementing the new Level 9 qualification for residential child care workers. It’s a really ambitious plan which prepares professionals to meet the challenge of the ever-changing needs of children and young people living in residential care.

The timetable for the roll out of the new qualification was announced on 25 February 2016 as:

  • Managers and supervisors of a residential child care setting and all new starts
    Phased in from: 1 October 2017 or re-registration date following that. Immediate for new starts.
  • Residential child care workers
    Phased in from: 1 October 2019 or re-registration date following that.

The time allowed to gain the award for all workers is five years.

Commenting on the announcement, Jennifer Davison, Director at CELCIS said:

‘The needs of children and young people in residential child care are becoming increasingly complex. In turn this is creating an even more challenging task for the staff caring for them and young people continue to tell us how we could better care for them. The residential child care sector continues to adapt and grow to this changing landscape, and it will be essential to continue to invest in the sector and in its leadership to meet this need. The successful and effective implementation of the Level 9 qualification will be an important part of this.

‘CELCIS is working alongside the sector, the Scottish Government, SSSC and learning providers to develop an implementation plan and together we’ll explore questions around funding, recognition of prior learning and workforce planning. This ongoing collaboration, strong partnerships and action will help realise the ambitions of this new qualification level. This will ultimately lead to better care for children and young people.’

We engaged with the sector in a series of information events last summer and a number of important questions were identified:

  • Will there be funding available to support us with the new qualification?
  • How will our current qualifications be taken into account towards the new qualification?
  • Where can I study the new qualification?

CELCIS is working with the SSSC, Scottish Government, Universities, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority to help answer these questions.

Visit our webpage on the Level 9 residential child care qualification for more information.