28 November 2017

The voice of young adopted people

As part of the Adoption Task Force, facilitated by CELCIS, Adoption UK is collaborating with St. Andrew's Children's Society, Scottish Adoption, social work and third sector agencies to raise the voice of the adopted child in Scotland.

The year 2018 is the Year of the Young Person. As part of this campaign, the Task Force is keen see adopted young people have the opportunity to have their views and experiences heard.

The two questions that are being asked of young people are:

• What has been your experience of adoption?
• What could have improved it?

The Task Force is looking for any response that children and young people are able and willing to give – be artwork, drawings, poetry, short stories, songs or simple a verbal of written piece – all are acceptable.

Anonymity and security are crucial for some families, so if there is a need for your family to remain anonymous, then this is fine. The findings of this project will be shared with policy decision makers, and some aspects of it will be used to raise awareness with the wider public.

For any more information, or to submit something for the project, please get in touch: scotland@adoptionuk.org.uk or 0131 201 2488 by February 2018.

You can find out more about the project by reading a blog written by Fiona Aitken from Adoption UK, which includes a short film.