We play a critical role in influencing and implementing legislation and policy. We help shape the landscape within which organisations, professionals and carers work, helping to support, rather than impede, the kind of practice that will improve the lives of looked after children and their families. And we’re also here to help and support you make sense of this landscape, navigating the legislation, guidance, duties and structures which make up Scotland's looked after children's system.

What we do

We believe that getting it right for children starts at the policy level, where legislative and strategic decisions are made. As a centre for excellence, we don’t set national or local policy. But we know that poorly constructed and implemented law and policy can actually stifle our efforts to deliver positive change. We work with a diverse range of partners (such as Scottish Government, local authorities and health boards) and we:

  • Influence legislation, policy and guidance which is progressive, implementable, rooted in successful, evidence-based methods of working, and a realistic assessment of what organisations can deliver.
  • Play a critical role in helping to get the policy right through our multi-faceted approach, involving research, data analysis, discussion, small-scale diagnostic tests and implementation activities.
  • Act as a valuable conduit between different parts of the children’s sector, and between policy-makers and practitioners. Our support for improved communication between organisations short circuits any misunderstanding and leads to more effective collaboration.

How we can help

Our dedicated policy team can provide you with the practical information, advice and support you need to navigate the complex policy landscape for looked after children and care leavers. Through our own consultancy services we are also able to identify the development and implementation needs of your organisation, tailoring our package of support to match the challenges you're facing. We aim to equip and support the sector to develop and operate with a clear focus on improving the lives and life chances of looked after children. 

Looking for support?

Got a question about implementing the duties in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014? Or would you like a chat about other legislation and policies for vulnerable children and young people?

Get in touch with our policy team

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