CELCIS Education Conference 2019

Thursday 16 May 2019

Positive educational journeys for children and young people with care experience

This year's event will focus on positive educational journeys for children and young people with care experience. Recognising that, for many children and young people with care experience, their path through the education system is not always linear and it is essential that our practices and systems provide flexibility, understanding and aspirational routes for progression.

Together, as practitioners and managers working in and around education, we'll have the space to think about what we know about how children and young people learn, what support we can most helpfully provide, when to provide it, and how we apply the evidence of what works best in our everyday practice. The day will be filled with practical things that can be done in classrooms, schools and communities – looking beyond the theory to workable solutions.

Call for workshops

Successful workshop submissions will take a co-production approach to workshop presentation with children and young people with care experience, for example by supporting children and young people to plan, co design and co deliver workshops. Joint submissions, demonstrating collaboration together with another service provider, parents and carers, or corporate parenting organisations are also welcomed.

Your workshop presentation could focus on one or more of the areas that we know are important when we think about how children learn and what a flexible education journey might look like including:

  • Support in early years, primary, secondary and or special schools
  • Parent and carer engagement and involvement
  • How successful platforms are created for the voice of pupils to shape the curriculum and school community
  • Using data
  • Using knowledge of children's development to inform approaches to learning
  • Transitions that young people can experience; for example primary to secondary school or a change of school
  • Post school options and destinations
  • Widening access to further and higher education

Is it for me?

Naturally, we're looking to showcase workshops that are stimulating, participative and interactive so that they can highlight opportunities for providing understanding, flexibility and aspiration in our practices.

We welcome applications from a range of education practitioners at all levels; children, young people and adults with care experience; academics and partners working alongside the education community.

If you've never applied or delivered a workshop before, don't be deterred – we're here to help and support. If you have a potential idea, please get in touch by emaling celcis.learning@strath.ac.uk or telephoning 0141 444 8529.

Send in your ideas by 8 March.

Event details

When: Thurs 16 May 2019
Where: Trades Hall, Glasgow
Time: 9.30 - 16.00
Cost: £50

Contact Organiser

Michelle McCue
0141 444 8529

Ticket information

Ticket type

CELCIS Education Conference 2019

Places Left Available

Contact us

University of Strathclyde, Curran Building, Level 6
94 Cathedral St, Glasgow G4 0LG
0141 444 8500

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