CELCIS Education Forum Meeting

Thursday 25 October 2018

October half-day meeting

Registration now open!

The CELCIS Education Forum provides a platform for a broad network of practitioners involved with, or interested in, the education of looked after children, to come together at regular meetings throughout the year.

We understand that collaboration is central to all of our work in education and Forum members are critical to shaping and influencing not only the work of CELCIS, but to national policy and legislation initiatives.

Join us in October where the first part of our meeting will form a discussion on how understanding the developmental aspects of children's everyday lives can make a difference. We know that not all children get the chance to experience a loving, nurturing, and safe childhood and consequently our work should be informed by knowledge of what children need to support health growth, change and repair. We started this work through the Scottish Universities Insight Institute series, 'Changing the narrative: developmental needs of looked after children and those who look after them', and want to continue this discussion with forum members.

The second part of our meeting will be focused on the implications for education when children live in care placements 'out of authority', an issue raised by Forum members. We hope to use the insight and practice wisdom of our members to identify opportunities to improve the experience of education for the significant number of children in 'out of authority' placements.

We know that members value informal time to discuss issues and network too, so there will be time during the morning to connect with colleagues and build new relationships.

Attendance at the half-day meetings is free and refreshments will be provided.

Event details

When: Thurs 25 Oct
Time: 9.30 - 13.00
Where: St. Mungo's Museum, Castle Street, Glasgow
Cost: Free

St Mungo's Museum, Glasgow

Contact Organiser

Michelle McCue
0141 444 8529

Ticket information

Ticket type

Education Forum Meeting - Oct 2018

Places Left Available

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