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Welcome to SIRCC 2021

SIRCC 2021 Online is here! We'll focus on the importance of creating the scaffolding for the workforce in realising The Promise. Together, we'll explore how this can be achieved in the everyday when caring for children and young people. It's vital that our residential community of practitioners are in the best place to care, love, and develop trusting relationships with the children they care for. To do this, we know that strong leadership at all levels, a values culture that prioritises quality relationships, supportive supervision, use of best evidence, and practice that upholds the rights and entitlements of children is what makes good quality residential child care. This is no longer up for debate. But, to realise this, practitioners have to be given all the essential ingredients to bring their whole selves to their workplace, and in turn to the children and young people.

We’ll be sharing blogs, resources, and opportunities in the lead up to SIRCC 2021, and across the two days, and we’ll soon be launching a campaign where we hope to hear about and celebrate the voices of children and young people and the fantastic work that practitioners have been doing.


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Above and Beyond: SIRCC 2021 celebration

We want to hear from you!

This is your opportunity as children and young people with care experience, and as residential workers, to share your highlights from residential child care in Scotland in the past year.

We plan to make a montage of these experiences and examples and share during SIRCC 2021 Online.

Children and young people in residential care - tell us about what’s been outstanding for you in the last 12 months. Has someone really gone above and beyond for you? Have you learned something new that you might not have had the opportunity to do before? Has there been an outstanding moment for you or something that simply made you smile? We’d love to hear what’s been happening.

For residential workers, and those who work alongside them – what have been the real lightbulb moments and key learning experiences you’ve had in the past year, which have added something to your practice and which you might like to take forward, or share with others.

You can share these through short video clips, photos, audio recordings, drawings, email, or call for a chat. It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to catch up, so we’d love to share these key moments as a collective. This could be captured in an email, a few words in a text; it’s really easy and safe to contribute your thoughts and experiences.

Send in your examples by email to or via Whatsapp or phone call on 07790 592 138.


Event Highlights

During the two days of SIRCC 2021 Online, we have a full itinerary of drop-in sessions, updates and resources - we’ll be exploring the valuable role of participation across all aspects of residential child care, what it means, and the importance of hearing the voice of those with lived experienced when decision making. We’ll also have an update from the Scottish Physical Restraint Action Group (SPRAG), which has developed into a community of practitioners since early discussions at the SIRCC 2018 conference. There will also be an opportunity to hear from the editor and authors of the latest edition of the Scottish Journal for Residential Child Care.
We'll hear an update from the Scottish Physical Restraint Action Group, which has developed a community of practitioners since early discussions at the SIRCC 2018 conference. SPRAG is a grass roots group representing around 60 local authorities, organisations and services across Scotland, who regularly come together in a safe space to think about and hold in mind the layers of complexity involved in physical restraint. The group are focused on knowing more, including more individuals and organisations across all sectors, and influencing action towards the reduction and elimination of physical restraint in Scotland.
There will be opportunities to hear from authors and the editor of the Scottish Journal for Residential Child Care, which released a call for papers on the same theme as this year's conference. We'll be hearing from Scottish based and international authors on their articles and the different perspectives on the importance of the social care workforce.
This year, we'll also have a virtual exhibition space where attendees can connect with organisations and fellow practitioners for the first time since our conference in 2019! Watch this space!

Event details

When: Wed 29 September & Thurs 30 September
Where: Online event
Cost: Free
Time: All day event

Contact details

Michelle McCue


Wednesday 29 Sept

10.00 am
Welcome to SIRCC 2021

With Joanne McMeeking, Head of Improving Care Experiences, CELCIS and John Ryan, Assistant Director, Aberlour Sycamore Services

How to build a great residential child care manager
Webinar and live panel session

1.30 pm

The story so far....
Webinar and live Q&A with Charlie McMillan, Scottish Network for the Reduction of Restrictive Practices

Thursday 30 Sept

11.00 am
Meet the authors
Hear from the editor and authors of articles from the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care, on the theme of 'the Workforce'.

11.00 am
The Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care
Read the latest issue

Above and Beyond
Blogs, videos and pictures from young people and care workers around Scotland 

1.30 pm - 4.00 pm
SIRCC Exhibition, networking, and closing remarks
Join us in our virtual exhibition space and catch up with some of SIRCC’s regular exhibitors, regular attendees, colleagues old and new. Pop in and out of our exhibition rooms or grab a cuppa and chat with our attendees.

We'll end this with Joanne McMeeking, CELCIS, and John Ryan, Aberlour Sycamore Services giving a live round up and reflections on the two days.

We look forward to seeing you there!