SIRCC Residential Child Care Award 2016: the winners

We had a very special award ceremony at the Glasgow Central Hotel for the Residential Child Care Awards. Many, many contratulations to all the winners and runners up. You are super stars!

Residential Child Care Worker of the Year Award

An extra special and popular award where only young people get a say and nominate their residential worker. This hotly contested award recognises workers that are extra special, supporting and make real, positive differences to the young people in their care. 

Donna McIntyre of Kylemore Children's Unit in Inverclyde

In the words of Annie: 

Donna has always encouraged me to do things, she has advocated on my behalf and ensured that my needs are met. 

Even after I moved on from Kylemore Children's Unit, Donna has continued to provide me with emotional and practical support and is an excellent example of what a corporate parent should be.

But Donna does this not because she is a corporate parent, she does it because she cares about me. She is part of my family and now a part of my baby's and whatever hurdles we meet along the way, I know I will get support from Donna.

Runner up for the Residential Child Care Worker of the Year is: 

Residential Child Care Team of the Year Award 

This prestigious award recognises team collaboration, communication and determination in making a BIG, BIG difference in the lives of children and young people in residential child care.

We have TWO winners in this Award. The first, nominated by professionals is:

Continuing Care Service at Shetland Islands Council

All that determination has paid off with the Continuing Care Service picking up the Award for Residential Child Care Team. They've had to 'fight their corner' in standing up for what they believe - that residential is the best place for some young people to live.

The staff team are at the fore front in leading this belief that residential is the right, permanent home for some young people. All three young people in one home are now on permanency orders, offering security and the reassurance that they can remain in their 'Forever Home' until they are at least 21 without the fear of being moved somewhere else. They can begin to set down new roots and grow.

Read more on Shetland Isles Press Release

And the second winner, nominated by young people themselves is: 

Burnside House, West Dunbartonshire Council

There's no better way to describe the service by Burnside House than in Lily's own words:

They are very caring and always make sure that we are ok. They treat every individual with respect and make our house a lovely place to live. 

I have matured a lot since I have moved in and staff have shown me how to stand up for myself and take responsibility for things. I have contact with my Mum now after months of not speaking. Staff encourage me to want the best for myself. I feel loved by the staff even though we don't always get on I know they will always care.

Visit West Dunbartonshire Council information on its residential homes

Runner up in the Residential Child Care Team of the Year goes to: 

Reaching Higher Award

This award showcases and recognises new and innovative practice within residential child care in Scotland.

The Collaborative Interventions Team, St Philip's School, Airdrie

This team beat some stiff competition to win the Reaching Higher Award. For young people to get the best from their time in care, their capacity to engage, develop and learn must be enhanced. To do this, the Collaborative Interventions Team developed a model where these qualities could be nurtured and grown from the bottom up. Young people themselves are now integral to all their work and are encouraged to feedback ideas throughout all stages of the care process.

Visit St Philip's School

Runner up in the Reaching Higher Award goes to:

  • Heather Kay, Quarriers Children and Families Inclusion Worker, for her project – iFive Toolkit

Innovative Partnership Award

This award really does 'do what it says on the tin'! Applications had to show a real dedication to working collaboratively and innovatively to improve a service.

Kibble Education and Care Centre & Who Cares? Scotland 

Kibble and WhoCares? Scotland knocked it out the park with their Care 2 Create project. This innovative, partnership project involving 50 young people provided a stack of structured opportunities which improved confidence, developed new skills and raised their aspirations. On top of this, young people had fun and made new friends. 

Watch Care 2 Create's video celebrating their creativity:

Visit Kibble Education and Care Centre

Visit WhoCares? Scotland

Runner up in the Innovative Partnership Award goes to:

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