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“Despite the cold weather, the Scottish people have given me one of the warmest welcomes in my life”: how supportive relationships help young refugees rebuild their lives in new places

During this Refugee Week and Refugee Festival Scotland 2023, Mohamad, a young person who arrived in Scotland from Syria in 2016 as a child reflects on why supportive relationships are essential to feeling safe and settled in a new place, and the ways in which refugees make a positive impact in their new countries.
Topic : Voices of young people
Author : Mohamad
2023 Jun

Language matters

Amy Miskimmin-Logan, Participation Development Worker at Our Hearings Our Voice (OHOV) shares the thinking behind the ‘Language Leaders’ project which aims to change the language young people experience as they go through the Children’s Hearings System.
Topic : Voices of young people
Author : Amy Miskimmin-Logan

How Our Hearings Our Voice members worked around COVID-19 restrictions to help children and young people

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this could have derailed plans children and young people from Our Hearings, Our Voice (OHOV) had been working on to provide information on Compulsory Supervision Orders. Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration’s (SCRA) Participation Officer Jennifer Orren, explains how the OHOV board members worked together and kept going to co-design a film to help children and young people.
Topic : Voices of young people, COVID
Author : Jennifer Orren

The future of social work in times of change

Kathryn Lindsay is the Director of Children, Families and Justice Services and Chief Social Work Officer at Angus Council. In this blog post, she discusses how social workers can use their voices and experience to drive and adapt to change and support each other.
Topic : Corporate parenting, Local authority, Voices of young people
Author : Kathryn Lindsay

Our Hearings, Our Voice, Our Magazine

How young people came up with the idea to produce a magazine for all young people to read and help them understand what’s involved while waiting to go into their Children’s Hearing - a legal meeting set up because there are concerns about a child’s, young person’s or young adult’s wellbeing, or the care they are receiving.
Topic : Children's hearings system, Voices of young people
Author : Amy Miskimmin-Logan

A legacy: how personal stories are shaped

How legacy work helps children to document their lives: supporting a young person or child who has had to start again in creating their own legacy. Having memories to look back on and ways to conceive of time passing I think.
Topic : Voices of young people
Author : Olivia Khan

Childhood Trauma and the Poignance of Spirit

In National Storytelling Week 2023, Annmarie Campbell, member of CELCIS's Strategic Advisory Board, explains what inspired her to turn to writing as she shares a piece written under her author penname for the Scottish Book Trust's Scotland's Stories project.
Topic : Voices of young people
Author : Annmarie Campbell

Staying connected: How connections – past and present – can help to write our own futures

This Adoption Week Scotland, Tegan, a Youth Ambassador at Scottish Adoption and Teen Talk Adoption, discusses her experience of reconnecting with her birthmother, and reflects on how building connections and sharing experiences with others can help to find out the most about yourself.
Topic : Adoption, Health and Wellbeing, Voices of young people, Brothers and sisters
Author : Tegan, Youth Ambassador at Scottish Adoption and Teen Talk Adoption

Why the new John Lewis advert matters

It's long been understood now that there is a pressing need to ‘reframe’ care, something being taken forward with the support of the Each and Every Child initiative which is underpinned by research and practice. It’s fitting then that we have a new Christmas messenger – John Lewis and their annual Christmas advert.
Topic : Adoption, Foster care, Permanence, Stigma, Voices of young people
Author : Samantha Fiander

How students are helping to shape University-led and peer support for students with care experience

Sam Upton, President of the Strathclyde Care Experienced & Estranged Students Society, shares her thoughts on the support on offer to students with care experience at the University of Strathclyde.

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