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How developing a love of reading is helping support care experienced children and young people in Dumfries and Galloway

Alison Ferla is the Principal Teacher of the Care Experienced Education Team in Dumfries and Galloway, which focuses on improving the educational outcomes and experiences of care experienced children and young people in the local authority. This World Book Day, Alison discusses how, alongside the teaching staff in her team and a care experienced support officer, she is supporting schools to help care experienced children and young people develop their skills through a love of reading.
Topic : Education
Author : Alison Ferla

How students are helping to shape University-led and peer support for students with care experience

Sam Upton, President of the Strathclyde Care Experienced & Estranged Students Society, shares her thoughts on the support on offer to students with care experience at the University of Strathclyde.

Don’t Pity Me! Thinking Differently about Vulnerability

Retired teacher, adoptive parent and blogger David Woodier explores the disuse of the word vulnerability and wonders if we need to look a little deeper at what this means.
Topic : Corporate parenting, Education, Health and Wellbeing
Author : David Woodier

Language and understanding at ‘the chalkface’

This Adoption Week Scotland, Dr Leanne McIver, Research Associate at CELCIS, discusses how greater inclusiveness for adopted children in policy, guidance and language is changing the face of adoption.
Topic : Adoption, Education, Health and Wellbeing
Author : Leanne McIver

‘You can never get enough books into the hands of enough children’

On World Book Day UK, Kirsty Hill, Regional Director at the Dollywood Foundation UK, discusses why reading for pleasure is crucial for children’s futures.
Topic : Education
Author : Kirsty Hill

Children 'get animated' in lockdown

Nikki Hepburn, Art teacher at Harmeny Education Trust, is a residential school providing care and education to children aged 5-14 who have experienced early years trauma, describes an animation project, funded by Creative Scotland, which created an innovative and accessible way for young people with complex social, emotional and behavioural needs to tell their own stories.
Topic : Education, Voices of young people
Author : Nikki Hepburn

Under the spotlight of COVID-19: Real change is possible

Claire Burns, Director of CELCIS (Acting), takes a moment to consider how much we have learned that we didn’t know before the COVID-19; how this emergency has thrown a spotlight on so much of what we already knew and what this means as we work to make change happen to realise The Promise.

An Ayrshire school where care experienced young people’s views are taken seriously

South Ayrshire CHAMPS Board is working in partnership with Belmont Academy in Ayr to bring care experienced young people together and support and encourage them.

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