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Fostering love through relationships

In this blog post for Foster Carer Fortnight 2024, Seany, a lived experienced Consultant wanted to share some thoughts, from her experience of foster care, on…

16 May 2024

When data tells us the what but not the why

CELCIS’s Data Lead, Micky Anderson, takes a look at the latest social work statistics in Scotland for clues about what is happening in the support for children…

15 May 2024

“It’s about…believing our own words”: Bringing together the voices of care experienced people

Rebekah Pierre is a care experienced writer, author, social worker, and editor of a new anthology, ‘Free Loaves on Fridays: The Care System As Told By People…

07 May 2024

Learning more about Scotland’s Virtual Schools

For over five years, the role of Virtual School Head Teachers (VSHTs) in Scotland has been evolving and in 2024 is established as a key part of the support for…

01 May 2024

What story does Scotland's latest statistics on child protection tell?

In this blog post, Dr Alex McTier, Evidence and Evaluation Specialist at CELCIS, takes a closer look at Scotland’s Child Protection 2022-2023 Statistics to…

27 March 2024

Navigating social workers’ use of voluntary care arrangements for families in Scotland

In this second in a series of blog posts to highlight findings from research on voluntary care arrangements in Scotland, Dr Robert Porter, Research Lead at…

20 March 2024
Two grandparents smiling at their grandchild

Understanding the experiences of children growing up in kinship care in Scotland

In this blog post to mark Kinship Care Week 2024, Dr Joanna Soraghan, Data Analyst at CELCIS, the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection,…

11 March 2024
Picture of family in living room

What does new research tell us it will take to keep The Promise?

Dr Heather Ottaway, CELCIS’s Head of Evidence and Innovation, and Principal Investigator of the Children’s Services Reform Research study considers what this…

05 February 2024
A generic image of a counsellor talking to a young person.

"Nobody spoke those words to me”: Parental experiences of voluntary care arrangements in Scotland

In this first of a series of blog posts to highlight findings from research on voluntary care arrangements in Scotland, Dr Robert Porter, Research Lead at…

30 November 2023

How lived experience of care is helping drive Scotland’s progress towards keeping The Promise

David Anderson is the Co-Chair of the Oversight Board, an independent group set up to report on the progress and pace in Scotland as it journeys towards keeping…

27 October 2023