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Title Authors Year
Scottish practitioners are used to embracing change Hazel Whitters 2016
Social media meets international Community of Interest: The LinkedIn Education of Children in Care Network Iain Matheson, Eavan Brady and Graham Connelly 2016
The Care Leavers’ Annual Lecture: University of Dundee, 30 October 2015 Laura Beveridge 2016
Learn, Achieve, Live, Succeed: The perspectives of looked after children on success Robbie Huxtable 2016
Considering sensory processing issues in trauma affected children: The physical environment in children’s residential homes Christopher Robinson and Alicia Madeleine Brown 2016
Editorial Volume 15.1 Graham Connelly 2016
Therapeutic residential care for children and youth: Developing evidence-based international practice. Jonathan Stanley 2016
Evaluation of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Fiona Buggy 2016
Dogs and pets in fostering and adoption Michael Scanlin 2016
The Named Person approach is unlikely to work Tracey Jarvis 2016
Editorial Volume 14.3 Laura Steckley 2015
Understanding attachment patterns among orphans in residential care homes in New Delhi Aarti Thakkar, Daisy Mepukori et al 2015
Kilbrandon Lecture 2015 - Alexis Jay Alexis Jay 2015
Book review: Sisters of pain Carole Dearie 2015
Book review: Compassionate confinement Mark Smith 2015
The implications of self-directed support for residential child care Simon Duffy 2015
The ‘Named Person’ debate: The case for Mike Burns 2015
Residential child care and mental health practitioners working together Mark Smith, Denise Carroll 2015
The 'Named Person' debate: The case against Maggie Mellon 2015
The Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014: Implications for residential care Iain Macauley 2015
Working together and moving on: A human rights approach to addressing Historical Abuse Moyra Hawthorn 2015
Research methodology applied to a comparative case study of the deinstitutionalisation of children in Bulgaria and Ukraine Chrissie Gale 2015
‘We’re like one, big, dysfunctional family’: Struggling to define the role of residential child care workers Nadine Fowler 2015
Something lost along the way: changing patterns of leadership in Scottish residential schools Mark Smith 2015
The importance of champions: Developing national guidance for the external management of residential child care establishments in Scotland Louise Hill, Neil Gentleman 2015
Editorial Volume 14.2 Leslie Hicks 2015
Leadership in residential child care: A relationship-based approach Nigel Horner 2015
Interview with Graham McPheat Leslie Hicks 2015
Leading good care: the task, heart and art of managing social care Graham McPheat 2015
Supporting young people’s experience of preparing to leave children’s homes to live independently: implications for leadership Nat O’Brien 2015
The role of internal managers of children’s homes in a time of crisis and change: A social pedagogic perspective from Italy Silvio Premoli 2015
Director's leadership and burnout among residential child care workers: Possible implications for practice Shulamit Pinchover et al 2015
Redirect: The surprising new science of psychological change Marijn Somers 2015
Childen’s Hearings, residential child care and professional education Raymond Taylor, Malcolm Hill 2015
Child and youth care through a constructive-developmental lens Heather Modlin 2015
Social Enterprise: An appropriate model for a child and youth care organisation? Graham Bell, Lesley Fuller 2015
Editorial Volume 14.1 Graham Connelly 2015
Inclusion of looked after children in education Claire Leslie, Azra Mohammed 2015
Empathic Care for Children with Disorganised Attachments: A Model for Mentalizing, Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care Nicola Kieran 2015
Helping children in care cope with loss and change - Nature’s way Caroline Jay 2015
Remembering Lord Kilbrandon David Hope 2015
Children’s Social Work Statistics (incorporating the Children Looked after Statistics) Ben Farrugia 2015
Editorial Volume 13.3 - Commemorating Kilbrandon’s Vision Raymond Taylor 2014
The Professional Career of Mark Krueger Karen VanderVen 2014
The Kilbrandon Report and Disabled Children: Some reflections 50 years on Kirsten Stalker 2014
Kilbrandon – Then, now and in the future Malcolm Schaffer 2014
The psychology of emotion in restorative practice: How affect script psychology explains how and why restorative practice works David Orr 2014
Implications of translational research for the field of residential child care Michael Nunno, Martha Holden 2014
Youth Justice and workforce development in Scotland: Practice makes better! Claire Lightowler 2014
How Can the Bird that is Born for Joy Sit in a Cage and Sing ? Patrick Fisher 2014
‘Beautiful Institution’ Amy C Davidson 2014
Tell a Different Story: Some reflections on the 11th Kilbrandon Lecture and its relevance to residential child care Irene Stevens 2014
Write His Story: A Response to ‘ Tell a Different Story ’ Anonymous 2014
Young People in Conflict with the Law in Scotland - 50 Years after the Kilbrandon report Bill Whyte 2014
The Panopticon Autumn Roesch-Marsh 2014
To forgive or not to forgive? Is that the question? Samina Karim, Andy Kendrick 2014
Supporting care leavers into higher education: The H.E. Handbook for Care Leavers (Who Cares? Trust, 2014) Victoria Hull 2014
Bridging the divide between education and social work in order to improve the prospects of looked after children Terje Halvorsen 2014
Developing mental and physical wellness for looked after young people through a fitness and nutritional guidance programme: A pilot study Noelle FitzGerald, Cian Aherne 2014
Pathways through education for young people in care Ben Farrugia 2014
Referendum debate riposte Garry Coutts 2014
Vote 'no' to the constitutional sideshow Garry Coutts 2014
Sense of place in children’s residential care homes: Perceptions of home? Alison Clark, Claire Cameron et al 2014
Editorial Volume 13.2 Laura Steckley 2014
Referendum Debate Riposte Mark Smith 2014
The argument in support of Scottish independence Mark Smith 2014
Open your eyes Gavin Sinclair 2014
'Please Listen' A drama created by Kibble Education and Care Centre Gavin Sinclair 2014
Coblehaugh: An account of the redevelopment of a children’s home Wilma Stickle 2014
Critical perspectives on child sexual exploitation and trafficking M Melrose, J Pearce 2014
Beware of the Big Bad Storyteller? An exploration of the therapeutic potential of bedtime reading from the perspective of young people and residential workers Dawn Simpson 2014
Reflections on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 Maire McCormack 2014
Editorial Volume 13.1 Graham Connelly 2014
The ‘Care’ of children in need in contemporary Scotland: The role of positivism and performance indicators in official imaginings of childhood and wellbeing Chris Holligan, Lucy Hanson 2014
The X Factor: Reflections on Containment Alastair Reid 2013
Book Reviews December 2013 Various 2013
Children and young people in care until age 26: A must for improved outcomes Duncan Dunlop 2013
Editorial Volume 12.3 Laura Steckley 2013
Thank God I was Taken into Care Jenny Molloy 2013
University of Strathclyde Summer Experience: The Impact of a Widening Access Residential Summer Programme for Children in Care Iain Mitchell 2013
Life-Space Intervention: Implications for Care Giving Kiaras Gharabaghi, Carol Stuart 2013
Candles and Care Julieann Arthur, Alexander Horne et al 2013
Forgotten connections: Reviving the concept of upbringing in Scottish child welfare Mark Smith 2013
Contextualising the findings: The Orkney Social Pedagogy Evaluation Evelyn Vrouwenfelder 2013
St. Andrew’s Project: Building inclusion using ‘Outcomes that Matter’ Chris Walter 2013
Book reviews Autumn 2013 Laura Steckley 2013
Editorial Volume 12.2 Janine Bolger 2013
‘Not a Prophet’ versus ‘Foreign Fads’: Two scenarios for conceptualising social pedagogy dissemination Jacob Kornbeck 2013
Book reviews Spring 2013 Various 2013
Editorial Volume 12.1 Graham Connelly 2013
Ethics: Also for young people? Exploring the explicit imparting of ethics as a possible approach in social education Terje Halvorsen 2013
John Triseliotis (1929-2012) Malcolm Hill 2013
Transatlantic issues in social pedagogy: What the United Kingdom can learn from Iberoamerica Jacob Kornbeck 2013
Rediscovering Fritz Redl Jack Phelan 2013
Key working and the quality of relationships in secure accommodation Amy McKellar, Andrew Kendrick 2013
A different language: Implementing the total communication approach Charlotte Wilson 2013
Beyond containment: Driving change in residential care: A Queensland, Australia model of therapeutic residential care. Shelley Wall, Stewart Redshaw et al 2013
Eyes of identification: challenges and opportunities in leveraging highly visible, multiple-level histories Debra Rosser, Shurlee Swain 2013
Conference reflections: EUSARF 2012 Laura Steckley 2013