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Title Authors Year
'Please Listen' A drama created by Kibble Education and Care Centre Gavin Sinclair 2014
‘Not cut out for prison’ Depriving children of their childhood Claire Lightowler, Bruce Adamson and Maria J Galli 2021
Book review: Radical help: How we can remake the relationships between us and revolutionise the welfare state Claire Cameron 2018
Child sexual exploitation Considerations for those who care Alexandra Giordano 2021
Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work, 5th Edition Louise Henry 2020
COVID-19 Survey of residential services in Ireland during the restrictions John Murphy 2020
Critical perspectives on child sexual exploitation and trafficking M Melrose, J Pearce 2014
Fear Uncertainty and Relational Care in the Face of COVID-19 James Freeman 2020
Home is where the art is Kerri Rasmaidh 2020
Learning from lived experience in government care: Sharing gains in knowledge and practice in youth participation with key care stakeholders Jade Purtell, Luke Westwick, Brittany Witnish, Jarrad Butcher, Annie [Withheld], Ralph Salera and Jenna Bollinger 2019
Let Love Liberate Our Children to Learn Hazel G. Whitters 2020
Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain's Poorest Towns and My Name is Why Samantha Fiander 2020
One moment you're covered in blood and next it's what's for tea Alicia Brown 2019
Reaching beyond or beyond reach: Challenges influencing access to higher education for care-experienced learners in Scotland Peter Tormey 2019
Secure Care Pathway and Standards Co-production process and implementation plans Paul Sullivan and Beth-Anne Logan 2021
Supporting the emotional wellbeing of adults in child care settings during the COVID-19 Shona Quin and Pen Noel 2020
The Deinstitutionalisation Debate in India Sheila Ramaswamy and Shekhar Seshadri 2020
The theory doesn’t work here Nick Pike 2020
'A Different Way to Look at Things': The Development of Consultancy in a Residential Service for Children and Young People Andrew Kendrick 2005
'Nae too bad': Job Satisfaction and Staff Morale in Scottish Residential Child Care Andrew Kendrick, Ian Milligan and Ghizala Avan 2005
‘A Review Like No Other’: Putting love at the heart of the care system James P. Anglin 2019
‘Beautiful Institution’ Amy C Davidson 2014
‘Not a Prophet’ versus ‘Foreign Fads’: Two scenarios for conceptualising social pedagogy dissemination Jacob Kornbeck 2013
‘Raising’ children: A character-based approach to residential child care June Jones 2010
‘We’re here tae mak a difference’ Jeremy Miller, John, Kimberley, William, Julieann, Fraser and Alexander (The Group) 2007
‘We’re like one, big, dysfunctional family’: Struggling to define the role of residential child care workers Nadine Fowler 2015
2011_Vol_10_1_Grant_importance_of_understanding_attachment.pdf Kathy Grant, Edwina Grant and Elizabeth King 2011
7th EUSARF International Congess, 2002 Kirstie Maclean 2003
A brief history of (residential child care) ethics Mark Smith 2010
A brief history of secure care in Scotland Charlotte Wilson 2022
A Children’s Champion for Scotland Susan Elsley 2002
A Commitment to Care: Residential Child Care Work in England Amanda Mainey 2003
A critical analysis of the recent developments in alternative care space across South Asia amidst the Covid-19 crisis Kiran Modi, Gurneet Kalra, Leena Prasad, Rajeshwari Narsimha, Jyoti Singh 2021
A developing journey in residential child care Danny Henderson 2020
A different language: Implementing the total communication approach Charlotte Wilson 2013
A guide to therapeutic child care: what you need to know to create a healing home Joanna McCreadie 2016
A journal like no other: Engaging with 20 years of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care James P. Anglin 2022
A personal reflection: In for the long haul Frank Ainsworth 2021
A Qualitative Study of Support for Young People who Self-Harm in Residential Care in Glasgow Judith Piggot, Charlotte Williams, Stephen McLeod, Joanne Barton 2004
A qualitative study of the views and experiences of those working in residential children’s homes Lucy Abraham, Sarah Elgie, Vera Soares, Caroline Beale, & Rachel Hiller 2022
A reading of The Extraordinary ordinary by David Grimm David Grimm 2020
A relational approach helps change teachers’ attitudes towards the inclusion of young people who are looked after David Woodier 2018
A safe future? Finding a way forward for the secure care sector in Scotland Alison Gough 2016
A thirty-year perspective study of children in residential care in the 1970s Howard Meltzer et al 2008
A visit to Lahore Andrew Hosie 2007
Accoustic ecology as therapy Louise Rossiter 2011
ACEs in the Shadows – Understanding Adverse Childhood Mike Findlay 2019
Addressing challenges of transition from children’s home to independence Kiran Modi, Monisha Nayar-Akhtar, Sumedha Ariely and Deepak Gupta 2016
Adoption today: A consideration of adoption within the Scottish care and permanence system, and the challenges faced by children and families Fiona Aitken 2019
Age limits and eligibility conditions for care, extended care and leaving care support for young people in care and care leavers: The case for cross-national analysis Robbie Gilligan 2018
Ambiguous Loss Nina Vaswani 2018
An aeroplane without wings Cath Lowther, Jo Dunn and Julia Powell 2019
An approach to re-designing leaving care interactions Gayle Rice 2016
An equality perspective on residential child care Niall Hanlon 2007
An ethics committee in the third sector: Process and pitfalls Ruby Whitelaw and Dan Johnson 2016
An evaluation of housing outcomes from a support program for young people transitioning from out-of-home care in Victoria, Australia Philip Mendes, Jade Purtell 2017
An exploration of distance and home when looked after: Views of young people Carrie F Mclaughlan 2021
An Introduction to Camphill Communities and the BA in Curative Education Norma Hart, Angelika Monteux 2004
Animal Magic-Using the Health and Social Care Standards for Looked after Children Mary Morris 2018
Appropriate and inappropriate relationships: David’s story Nicola 2016
Are you managing? The effective management of anxiety in residential settings Iain McLeod 2010
Aroha: Loving within a statutory and bi-cultural residential environment Andrew Sutherland 2016
Arts in health: Promoting the health and wellbeing of young care leavers Sheena McGregor and Clare Macaulay 2009
Assessment of alternative families in Egypt Amira Abdel-Aziz 2019
Assessment, Risk & Decision Making in Social Work (An Introduction) Michael Stewart 2020
Assisting Youth Leaving Care: Understanding Udayan Care’s Aftercare Programme through the Prism of Ecological Systems Theory Kiran Modi, Archana Prasad, Jyoti Mishra 2018
Association between aggression traumatic event exposure and post traumatic stress disorder Rachel Webb 2019
At Kibble we aim to help our most vulnerable young people go on to have fulfilling adult lives Jim Gillespie 2018
Attachment psychology: A child development perspective Irene Stevens 2011
Attachment psychology: a child development perspective Irene Stevens 2011
Autism and personality: Findings from the Tavistock Autism Workshop Charlotte Wilson 2011
Autobiography of my dead brother Angus Norquay 2009
Awareness of and support for Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Children’s Hearings Ann Clark, Dermot Fitzsimons 2018
Back to the Future: ‘Positive Residential Practice: Learning the Lessons of the 1990s’ and ‘Champions for Children: The Lives of Modern Child Care Pioneers’ Ian Milligan 2002
Barriers and facilitators in delivering a new model of sexual health service for young people who are looked after Hannah Dale and Lorna Watson 2010
Be Bully Free Brian Donnelly 2018
Behind Closed Doors: Why We Break Up Families - and How to Mend Them by Polly Curtis David Anderson 2022
Beware of the Big Bad Storyteller? An exploration of the therapeutic potential of bedtime reading from the perspective of young people and residential workers Dawn Simpson 2014
Beyond 18 - Leaving child care institutions: A study of aftercare practices in five states of India. Kenny McGhee 2020
Beyond containment: Driving change in residential care: A Queensland, Australia model of therapeutic residential care. Shelley Wall, Stewart Redshaw et al 2013
Bilingualism: the two languages of young people in care Kim Snow 2006
Billy and Oliver: An approach to promoting resilience and improving interaction in two residential child care settings Charlotte Wilson, John Mackland and Jessica Cundy 2011
Book review Kate Mackinnon and Rosie Moore 2021
Book Review: Apology and the legacy of abuse of children in ‘Care’. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Moyra Hawthorn 2018
Book review: Compassionate confinement Mark Smith 2015
Book review: Sisters of pain Carole Dearie 2015
Book review: That’s So Gay Challenging Homophobic Bullying Linda Brewster 2018
Book reviews Autumn 2013 Laura Steckley 2013
Book Reviews December 2013 Various 2013
Book reviews Spring 2013 Various 2013
Book reviews: can I share this with you? Dr Leanne McIver 2018
Born for love: Why empathy is essential – and endangered Sandra Howden, Irene Stevens 2011
Bridging the divide between education and social work in order to improve the prospects of looked after children Terje Halvorsen 2014
Bridging the gap: United World College students’ initiatives in work with refugees Katja della Liberia, Ramita Ratsathanuwati and Everdina Vermaat 2016
Bullying: You can make a difference (Free booklet) Mike Sutherland 2009
Candles and Care Julieann Arthur, Alexander Horne et al 2013
Care experienced information rights and organisational practice Caroline Anderson 2019
Care leavers’ engagement with services: motivational factors which sustain a positive relationship Marina Amaral 2011
Care to Learn? The Educational Experiences of Children and Young People Who Are Looked After Alison Ritchie, Elizabeth Morrison and Steven Paterson 2003