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Title Authors Year
Passionate Supervision George Agnew 2011
Care leavers’ engagement with services: motivational factors which sustain a positive relationship Marina Amaral 2011
Developing a policy for sexual health education Diane Ballantyne 2011
Using educational drama to improve outcomes for looked after children Will Barlow 2011
Working on a dream Lizzie Winters & Jacqui McAlpine 2011
Residential child care practitioners in autism-specific units Irene Stevens 2011
Editorial Volume 11.1 Irene Stevens 2011
Accoustic ecology as therapy Louise Rossiter 2011
Leadership in social care. Leadership in residential care Wendy Milne 2011
Identifying speech, language and communication needs among children in residential care Susan McCool, Irene Stevens 2011
The other 23 hours Kirsty Hamilton 2011
Discovering Camphill: a personal narrative Thom Garfat 2011
Children and young people's worlds. Developing frameworks for integrated practice Peter Evans 2011
Working in the ‘System’ and ‘Lifeworld’: Using action research to enhance resilience and attachment in a children’s home Stan Houston 2011
Born for love: Why empathy is essential – and endangered Sandra Howden, Irene Stevens 2011
The Story of Scottish Attachment in Action-Personal Reflections Kathy Grant, Edwina Grant 2011
2011_Vol_10_1_Grant_importance_of_understanding_attachment.pdf Kathy Grant, Edwina Grant and Elizabeth King 2011
Parental involvement in residential child care: Helping parents to provide a secure base Esther Geurts, Marc Noom and Erik Knorth 2011
Life story in the context of attachment-led care planning Melanie Ferrier 2011
Attachment psychology: a child development perspective Irene Stevens 2011
Autism and personality: Findings from the Tavistock Autism Workshop Charlotte Wilson 2011
Billy and Oliver: An approach to promoting resilience and improving interaction in two residential child care settings Charlotte Wilson, John Mackland and Jessica Cundy 2011
Supporting interaction in the context of residential child care Kirsi Tuomi 2011
Attachment psychology: A child development perspective Irene Stevens 2011
Editorial Volume 10.1 Elizabeth King 2011
Editorial Volume 9.1 Irene Stevens 2010
The impact of providing a continuum of care in the throughcare and aftercare process. Caroline Chittleburgh 2010
Everyday life in focus in residential child care Helle Schjellerup Nielsen 2010
Don't touch! The educational story of a panic Laura Steckley 2010
Rethinking residential child care Zachari Duncalf 2010
Rethinking residential child care Pat Petrie 2010
Introduction and preamble Laura Steckley 2010
Barriers and facilitators in delivering a new model of sexual health service for young people who are looked after Hannah Dale and Lorna Watson 2010
Revisiting the Modifying Environment approach Jack Phelan 2010
Are you managing? The effective management of anxiety in residential settings Iain McLeod 2010
Inspecting for positive outcomes Bryan Livingstone 2010
Do you seek to be a specialist therapeutic residential care provider for children and young people who have complex needs? Richard Cross 2010
Changing culture: learning into practice Bert Lawrie 2010
‘Raising’ children: A character-based approach to residential child care June Jones 2010
Practices in and attitudes towards staff vetting in children’s residential centres in the Republic of Ireland Catherine Hanley 2010
Exploring the barriers and facilitators to health research with children and young people who are looked after Hannah Dale and Lorna Watson 2010
What is harmed by relationship can be healed by relationship: A developmental / relational approach to residential treatment for young children. Elizabeth Kohlstaedt 2010
The Ryan Report in Ireland: Before and after Noel Howard 2010
A brief history of (residential child care) ethics Mark Smith 2010
Editorial Volume 9.2 Alan Macquarrie 2010
Creating a space for strangers Kirsty Hamilton and Kathleen Mulvey 2010
David Lane reviewing: Residential care: A positive future Terry Philpot 2010
Leon Fulcher reviewing: Kinship care: Fostering effective family and friends placements Elaine Farmer and Sue Moyer 2010
George Hollowell reviewing: Promoting healthy childhood development today James R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D 2010
Children’s stories: A GP perspective Lesley Morrison 2009
Editorial Volume 8.2 Steven McCluskey 2009
Helping looked after children and young people cope when they are ill Ann Wilson 2009
Using information technology to communicate about health and wellbeing, assessment and review: Audio computer-assisted self interviewing (A-CASI) Murray Davies 2009
Caring about health - Free information and resource pack Irene Stevens 2009
Bullying: You can make a difference (Free booklet) Mike Sutherland 2009
Arts in health: Promoting the health and wellbeing of young care leavers Sheena McGregor and Clare Macaulay 2009
Why love matters: How affection shapes the brain Irene Stevens 2009
Who cares about feeling good? Robyn Willis 2009
Sexplanation! (Board Game) Irene Stevens 2009
Rory: A story and resource pack for professionals working with primary school age children looking at neglect because of alcohol misuse) Peter Hassett 2009
Nutritional guidelines for residential care settings for young people John Brown 2009
The contribution of Music Therapy to the emotional wellbeing of children in residential care: Practitioner review Moyra Hawthorn 2009
The contribution of Music Therapy to the emotional wellbeing of children in residential care Aby Vulliamy 2009
Mindful Care: The pilot of a new mental health service for young people who are looked after away from home in Moray Jenny Makinson et al. 2009
With mental health and wellbeing in mind Allyson McCollam 2009
GLBTQ RCC NYC USA: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and residential child care in New York City, United States of America Mike Sutherland 2009
Editorial Volume 8.1 Laura Steckley 2009
Changing practice in physical restraint Anton Smith and Tanya Ulmer 2009
Ten principles of residential child care Kiaras Gharabiagi 2009
Rupert - Lizzy Understanding Achievement Hilary Ruprecht 2009
Supporting the religious and spiritual needs of looked after and accommodated children in Scotland Chris Barratt 2009
Police involvement in residential child care Neil Gentleman 2009
Who else has the magic wand? An evaluation of a residential unit for younger children Susan Elsley 2009
Lizzy: Understanding attachment and loss in young people Hilary Ruprecht 2009
The growth of love Keith White 2009
Working with children in care: European perspectives Margaret-Anne Haggarty 2009
Autobiography of my dead brother Angus Norquay 2009
Managing children’s homes: Developing effective leadership in small organisations Margaret-Anne Haggarty 2009
Residential special education, market forces and integration: Caught between a rock and a hard place? Robin Jackson 2008
These are our bairns: A guide for community planning partnerships on being a good corporate parent Irene Stevens 2008
Communication impairments in children in residential care: an overlooked aspect of their education and well-being? Susan McCool 2008
Developing inclusive education policy and practice for looked after children Joe Francis 2008
Editorial Volume 7.2 Graham Connelly 2008
Encouraging reading among children in care: the Edinburgh Reading Champion project Colm Linnane 2008
Effective communication between schools and residential houses: Establishing a good practice framework Lesley Fraser 2008
The development and implementation of The LAC Pack in West Lothian Janet Guild 2008
Improving literacy through storytelling in residential care Irene Stevens et al. 2008
Children, families and care: Reflections on the first sixty years of FICE (Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives) Graham Connelly 2008
New challenges for extra-familial care in Israel: Enhancing parentalinvolvement in education Emmanuel Grupper 2008
Core skills appraisal project Eleanor Rafferty 2008
On the shoulders of giants (part 2) Keith White 2008
Risk factors in cases of known deaths of young people with experience of care: An exploratory study Craig Cowan 2008
Editorial volume 7.1 Irene Stevens 2008
The outcomes of secure care in Scotland Andrew Kendrick et al 2008
A thirty-year perspective study of children in residential care in the 1970s Howard Meltzer et al 2008
Protection through inpsection: An exploration of the effectiveness of Irish Inspection Services in relation to promoting a child's right to make a complaint in residential care Lorraine O'Brien 2008
Opening the gifts and treasures of relationship in residential child care Carey Morning 2008
Playing it safe Lorraine McGuinness, Irene Stevens and Ian Milligan 2007
Standing on the shoulders of giants Keith White 2007