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Title Authors Year
The other side of the wall Laurence Wareing and Paul Gilroy 2021
Promoting Rights - Protecting and respecting Children Melissa Hunt and Elaine Adams 2021
HMS Mars: An industrial school in the late 19th century Christine Whyte 2021
The story of the first-ever Care Experienced History Month Charlotte Armitage 2021
Stability in residential care in NSW, Australia: The role of the workforce Jenna Bolinger 2021
Kilbrandon Lecture Madeleine Bunting 2021
Quality is everyone's responsibility: applying implementation science to residential care Miriana Giraldi, Alexander McTier & Robert Porter 2021
Book review Kate Mackinnon and Rosie Moore 2021
VSHT Evaluation Report FINAL Bayston 2021
Behind Closed Doors: Why We Break Up Families - and How to Mend Them by Polly Curtis David Anderson 2022
Investigating the understanding and management of self-harm in a children’s residential therapeutic community Katy Ervine 2022
A journal like no other: Engaging with 20 years of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care James P. Anglin 2022
Celebrating 20 residential childcare developments from across the world Iain Matheson 2022
A brief history of secure care in Scotland Charlotte Wilson 2022
Historic inspection practices and children’s experiences of residential care, 1945-1980 Amanda Gavin 2022
Report on the actual situation of child abuse and responses to it under the pandemic of COVID-19 in Japan Kayoko Ito 2022
From the low status role of residential (care) workers to the high-status role as house mentors Frank Ainsworth and Paul Mastronardi 2022
Recruitment, retention and professionalisation in residential childcare in Ireland Martin Power 2022
A qualitative study of the views and experiences of those working in residential children’s homes Lucy Abraham, Sarah Elgie, Vera Soares, Caroline Beale, & Rachel Hiller 2022
Seldom seen sibling support: exploring the changing experiences of siblings in Scottish residential childcare services Mary Morris 2022
Self-Harm in Residential Care: A consideration of the evidence and the implications for practice Lily Burnand and Dan Johnson 2022