CELCIS Education Forum Highlights, september 2023

Reflection and Action Learning Sets: Supporting staff teams

For our September Forum meeting, we were delighted to welcome Kyle Fleming, Head of Education, and Eileen McColl, Education Manager, of Erskine Waterfront Campus, CrossReach. CrossReach is one of the largest care providers in Scotland, and their purpose built education campus in Erskine, Renfrewshire supports children and young people aged 8-18 years who have Additional Support Needs. This Forum meeting focused on Reflection and Action Learning Sets, an adapted form of Action Learning Sets. Reflection and Action Learning Sets are supportive groups of co-workers who regularly come together in a reflective space. Individuals bring a situation from work that they wish to reflect on in the group and, through a structured framework, they are encouraged to think critically to find solutions to support children, young people, and colleagues.

Since 2022, CELCIS has worked with colleagues from CrossReach to develop Reflection and Action Learning Sets within Erskine Waterfront Campus. Eileen, Kyle and colleagues from the Erskine Campus shared how this work is being used to support staff teams within the school. Attendees heard:

  • Where the concept of Reflection and Action Learning Sets came from;
  • How CELCIS and the staff team at CrossReach worked together to agree a model which worked for them;
  • What was needed to embed Reflection and Action Learning Sets into the school culture and ethos;
  • How the full school team continue to engage in regular sessions;
  • What data was gathered to evaluate the pilot of the model;
  • How the sessions are used for reflection and what benefits have been recognised from participating in the process.

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