16 May 2016

New figures show an increase in looked after children in England

New figures show that 69,310 children were looked after across 151 local authorities in England, 0.6% of all children. This is an increase of 756 children, or 1% on the previous figures. Three-quarters of children were fostered, 9% were in children's homes and 5% were placed for adoption.

Key points from the statistics include:

  • Minority ethnic children who are looked after are more likely to live in secure units, young offenders institutions, or in prison
  • One fifth of local authorities placed a small number of children in children’s homes judged inadequate at the time of placement
  • The majority of fostered children were placed within 10 miles of their local authority boundary
  • White children were twice as likely to be placed in an area of lower levels of crime

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