What is the Participation Network?

The Participation Network is a group of people who care about children and young people. It is a space for people to collaborate and learn from each other and acts as a community of practice, encouraging positive changes and collaboration. The Participation Network aims to ensure that participation is carried out in ways that are safe, ethical and meaningful.

But participation also needs to be useful, engaging and fun, so we hope that through the Participation Network you will find that, with a mixture of larger events and smaller meetings for sharing good practice, there is something for everyone!

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Why should I join the Participation Network?

Our events and meetings cover many aspects of participation. We want to hear different voices from our sector so that we can share good practice, learn from different participation approaches and cencourage good practice. We are a friendly and inclusive group, always keen to build supportive networks, so that we can spread the word about good participation work by individuals and organisations. And through our community, we often tackle some of the ‘hot topics’ in our sector, like ACEs and mental health, so that we can help each other to maintain proper values and guidelines for participation.

If you want to join in and help us improve participation for all children and young people in Scotland, get in touch!

Join the Participation Network

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the Participation Network, or the wider work of CELCIS please contact Paul Sullivan or Rosie Moore at the CELCIS Participation team.

How can The Participation Network help you?

See what our members say

video_button.png Ruth harvey, Aberlour Childcare Trust

Ruth Harvey has been the Rights and Participation officer at the Aberlour Childcare Trust for three years. Here she explains how being a member of the Partycipation network has helped her build up a range of conatcts across the sector and how she has learned from some of the thought leaders in the child care sector.

video_button.png Peter Tormey, Napier University, Edinburgh

Peter Tormey works at Napier University and describes here how he engages with the network to learn from others in the sector and also to share some of what he has learned working with students and helping them to thrive.

video_button.png Participation and Children's Rights with Cathy (CYPCS)

Cathy Begley is the Participation Officer at the office of the Children and Young Peoples Commissioner Scotland. She works to ensure that her office involves children and young people in everything they do.

video_button.png  Network members on why participation is needed

In this video, members discuss how being part of the Partycipation Network has helped them during the Covid-19 health crisis and how learning from each other has given them useful tips for their own projects, both large and small.


Participation Event August 2022

Participation Practice Exchange: Keep The Promise by bringing participation to life

In August 2022, we were delighted to host a hybrid in-person or online Participation Network event.

This session saw us share great participatory practice and projects, with different organisations having the opportunity to take us on their journey of planning, partnership working, engagement, delivery and impact.

Attendees saw presentations from the National Leadership Network, the Inside Out project, Our Hearings, Our Voice, and the Rights Right Now project who spoke about how they are working to Keep The Promise.

Afterwards, participants worked in groups to discuss :

  • Visioning and scoping participation
  • Partnership working
  • Engaging with diverse communities
  • Delivering your participation project
  • Ensuring impact for participants
  • Ensuring strategic impact

and share their experiences, ideas and projects.

Watch the webinar from the August Event

We have lots of resources to share with you, to help in your participation activities. Just follow the link to our Participation resources page.

Participation Network resources