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Protecting Children

We believe that all children should have the very best start in life, the kind of start which provides all the love, care and support every child needs to develop and thrive.

We also believe that every child should be kept safe, and protected from neglect, harm and abuse, and that everyone has a part to play when it comes to protecting children.

People protect children

People protect children. Thousands of Scotland's children are living safe from harm or neglect, thanks to their families or carers and those people whose job it is to protect them - teachers, health visitors, social workers, police officers and all the professionals in the children's services workforce who work day in, day out to keep our children safe and well.

We know that bringing up children isn't easy and that all families face challenges. Some of those families experience additional challenges and difficulties, and might need extra support to help them meet their caring responsibilities. Some children are more vulnerable than others are at risk and may be in need of protection.

All of our protecting children work is embedded within the national Getting It Right for Every Child strategy, locating the protection of children and the management of need and risk firmly within this integrated approach.

Working together

Alongside our partners such as local authorities, government, health, education, the courts and others with an interest in children's services, we are aiming to develop and share effective supports and services which provide children and families with the right kind of support for their individual needs, at the right time.

Our partnership work aims to support those working with families to identify potential risk at the earliest possible point, a stage which may prevent escalation of that risk, and better protect children from experiencing further harm, abuse or neglect.

Scottish Government's Child Protection Improvement Programme (CPIP)

CELCIS is making an important contribution to Scottish Government's CPIP, a new programme of action that aims to build on and strengthen how we all protect children.
Our work includes:

Looking for more information or support?

Get in touch with the protecting children team; they'd be delighted to hear from you.

Worried about a child?

If you're worried about the welfare or wellbeing of a child person, it's vital that you share your concerns with an appropriate professional.

Find out more about what you can do to help protect our children


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