Qualifications to work in residential child care 

Professionals working in child and youth care require dedication, commitment, heart, soul and a whole range of practical and personal skills to help them meet the challenges and enjoy the rewards a career can bring. They also need to achieve the correct educational qualifications for working in the sector, and receive on-the-job learning to advance their knowledge and expertise.

Registering to work in residential child care 

Residential child care workers are required to register with the Scottish Social Services Council. We know that some new workers, supervisors and managers within the sector will need to gain qualifications to register. Here's some short guidance to help you:

New qualification for residential child care

We are working with the Scottish Social Services Council and the Scottish Government towards the professional development of those working in residential child care with the launch of a new qualification at level 9.

Our courses

Alongside our partners in higher education, we deliver qualifications at degree and Masters level, and we are proud to contribute our own experience and skills to the delivery of learning for the sector.

By sharing our knowledge and expertise in theory and practice-based work, and by championing an innovative approach to working in child and youth care, we aim to promote a level of formal education that is above and beyond mandatory requirements.

Degree and postgraduate courses for looked after children

Our MOOC is top of the charts, and the chats

We’ve had huge success around the world with our free, online learning course. Over 50,000 people worldwide have taken part in our Caring for Vulnerable Children online course.

Find out more

For more information about formal education and ongoing learning opportunities:

Get in touch with our learning and development team

Residential child care

Residential Child Care Workforce Qualifications Summary

An analysis of workforce data help future workforce planning in implementing the new Level 9 qualification for residential child care workers.

Residential Child Care Workers: Practice Learning Exchange

An account of residential child care staff from three local authorities that shared learning by working in each other's workplace.


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