Making a difference

Our goal is simple and ambitious. We aim to make a big, positive difference in the lives and life chances of looked after children.

By working with partners, and by setting standards high for all areas of child care practice, we are already making positive and lasting improvements in the experiences and outcomes of the most disadvantaged group of children. 

One critical element in our aim of making a difference is ensuring that everyone whose work touches the lives of looked after children has the skills, capability and confidence needed to deliver improvements in service delivery.

We support this professional development by sharing research, evidence and examples of good practice, as well as providing services in:

Evidence and implementation

We also believe that everyone working in the sector must have access to an evidence base from which to build success and long-lasting change. It is only by taking a systematic approach which bridges the gap between evidence and the implementation of policies, strategies, systems and services that we will begin to see sustained improvements in the lives and outcomes of looked after children.

Our commitment to this far-reaching improvement agenda is at the very heart of everything we do. With our collaborative, partnership-based approach, we aim to develop a deep understanding of how evidence and policy can be best applied in service delivery.

Getting better 

We are a reflective organisation; we question and evaluate the effectiveness of our own work too. By getting better ourselves, by developing our own skills and understanding, by making the link between theory and practice, and by sharing what we know across the whole sector, we can all make a big, big difference in young people’s lives.

Visit our Knowledge bank to see all the good stuff available.

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