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Young people in the care system deserve help to enter university

A version of this blog post was first published in The Times on 26 July 2019.
Topic : Education, Throughcare and aftercare
Author : Iain MacRitchie

‘Children have a right to education – regardless of immigration status’

This article was first published by TES on the support teachers can offer unaccompanied and separated children.
Topic : Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE), Child trafficking, Education, International
Author : Jennifer Davidson, Chrissie Gale

University can be a tricky place if you have been in care

This blog post explores the findings of a recent briefing from CELCIS about going to university from care.
Topic : Education, Legislation
Author : Graham Connelly
2018 Sep

An air of calm

Mark Brotherton, Educational Psychologist, explains how strong relationships between carers and psychologists have been nurtured.
Topic : Education, Residential care
Author : Mark Brotherton

Joining up the dots – why data analysis is vital in understanding and supporting care experienced young people

Dr Neil Harrison argues that we need to use better data to better understand care experienced young people entering higher education.
Topic : Education
Author : Dr Neil Harrison

A care leaver's path to university

Many paths to higher education are not straightforward. A care experienced student talks about overcoming such challenges.

You live and you learn

Amanda Lawler explains why CELCIS really cares about training and learning.
Topic : Active implementation, Education
Author : Amanda Lawler

A fair financial deal for care experienced students

How the Student Support Review Group is trying to ensure care experienced students have a fair standard of living.

Let’s stop referring to children by acronyms

Dr Graham Connelly discusses the use of acronyms when talking about looked after children and children in care.
Topic : Education
Author : Graham Connelly

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