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A school girl leaning on her work on a desk looking sad

Are care leavers really more likely to go to prison than university?

This blog post by Dr Neil Harrison was first published on the ExChange Wales website on 14 August 2019. ExChange is an all-Wales network that brings together…

19 August 2019

Implementing your way to change

Ahead of the Global Implementation Conference, Scotland’s National Clinical Director, Professor Jason Leitch CBE shares some thoughts on his implementation…

07 August 2019
A student in class with her hand up to answer a question

Young people in the care system deserve help to enter university

Iain MacRitchie is the founder of MCR Pathways, a school-based mentoring programme which supports young people in or on the edges of the care system to realise…

29 July 2019
A young peron looking thoughtful and sad

Let’s stamp stigma out for care experienced once and for all

Guest Joe Rankin of the Nevis Group discusses the need to stamp out stigma for those with care experience.

17 June 2019
a group of refugees walking along a road

Child migrants around the world are being denied their human rights

Vast numbers of children and families are on the move around the world. There are now 30m children displaced by conflict, the highest since World War II, and…

27 May 2019
Two children wearing back packs

‘Children have a right to education – regardless of immigration status’

This article was first published by TES on the support teachers can offer unaccompanied and separated children.

22 May 2019
PACE is changing

PACE is changing

Carol Wassell, Permanence and Care Excellence programme lead at CELCIS, provides an update on a programme of work which is making lasting and profound…

25 March 2019
WSWD banner

Human connections that change lives

To mark World Social Work Day, Janine Fraser, a Social Work Team Leader for Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership in North East Glasgow, reflects on…

19 March 2019
Happy children

One voice

Dr Chrissie Gale, CELCIS international lead, argues that we need agencies to unite with one voice if we want to uphold children’s rights internationally.

28 January 2019
Hands making the shape of a heart

Care experience at Christmas

In this blog post, Alastair Redpath, Co-Chair of the Independent Care Review’s Stigma Work Group, considers why Christmas might not be all joy and cheer for…

19 December 2018