two teenage students chatting

Act to transform transitions

Michelle McCue blogs about the 2015 SIRCC conference and its focus on how residential child care is changing.

19 May 2015
A student doing research study

Complexity and integration?

Vicki Welch blogs on the good and bad of integrating services.

17 June 2015
Schoolchildren in class

Going to school, and staying the course

Attend, encourage and enjoy to learn - a blog by Graham Connelly

02 November 2015
A weaving loom

Polarisation and paradoxes

Jennifer Davidson blogs about her mission to change the world for the better.

21 October 2015
A teenager sitting on some steps

Staying put to move forward

Leaving care too early. Kenny McGhee blogs on the problems facing care leavers in Scotland.

26 October 2015
A teacher with a young child

Moving quickly and confidently for permanence

In this blog Liz Brabender discusses how CELCIS tackles drift and delay in permanency.

23 November 2015
A music teacher taking a lesson

The voice of children

A blog by Linda O'Neill discussing what children had to say in the recent Rees Centre report

21 December 2015
Two teens hugging

Love makes us lovable

Looked after children that reject love are the ones who need it most.

09 November 2015
Two children smiling to camera

A global approach

Chrissie Gale blogs about working in partnership around the world.

19 October 2015
A man with his head in  his hands

A long journey to justice

A blog by Moyra Hawthorn detailing a decade striving for justice.

16 November 2015