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Active Implementation: Making Change Happen

Children and young people in Scotland have the right to grow up in a nurturing environment, one where their best interests are at heart, and they can thrive.

All those working to improve the lives of children and their families want to provide the best support they can.

In our efforts to improve health, education and social services many of us may have experiences of guiding or participating in change initiatives that do not achieve the kinds of positive, lasting changes we hoped for. This is despite the best of intentions, efforts, or resources.

That’s why CELCIS believes in understanding different improvement methodologies and ways to implement change and support continuous improvement. This includes applying the techniques of Active Implementation in children’s services.

Learn about Active Implementation

Active Implementation is informed by evidence that shows us what it takes to maximise the chances of successfully and effectively implementing and delivering real changes and improvements to services and practices that can also be sustainable, and, where required, scalable.

CELCIS is now offering a new learning programme to help individuals and teams to learn about this approach, and if they feel it is right for them, work through how to apply this learning to the challenge they are looking to address, be this small, local innovations, or complex system change.

The learning programme includes:

  • a short taster session,
  • an introductory session, and
  • an intermediary course.

Our partners reflecting on their progress using Active Implementation demonstrate how many of us relate to the same challenges and opportunities:


Who should take this course?

Any of the sessions can be undertaken by small teams - the intermediary session is designed for pairs or small teams embarking on/involved in change initiatives. It’s ideal for people interested in achieving meaningful change through implementation of new practices, or strengthening existing practices, with children and families.

The course material will draw on current experiences and learning from CELCIS’s work with partners in Scotland. It will also draw on examples of where Active Implementation has been used internationally, across multiple programmes, projects and systems, to deliver real change in health, education, and child welfare services.

Active Implementation – A Beginners' Taster Session

Active Implementation – A Beginners’ Introduction

Active Implementation – Intermediate Level: Applying the frameworks and approach to your work

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