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Monday 5 June

SIRCC Annual Conference 2017

Wednesday 7 June | Thursday 8 June

Social Pedagogical Leadership Course

Tuesday 5 September | Wednesday 6 September | Thursday 7 September

Getting Care Right for All Children: Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children

Monday 15 May 2017

All around the world, for many different reasons, hundreds of thousands of children cannot live with their parents. The UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children set out the principals for policy and practice that have been agreed upon globally, to help towards tackling this issue.

Now it's your chance to take part in this first free massive online open course (MOOC) which delves into what the UN Guidelines look like in practice.

By the end of this 6 week interactive course you'll better understand the key principals, pillars and implications of the UN Guidelines, taking in views from across the world.

Who is the course aimed at?

Open to all, the course is for everyone interested in or responsible for children's care including:

  • Child protection professionals, social workers, support workers.
  • Care workers in family and residential settings.
  • Health and medical workers.
  • Lawyers, psychologists, teachers.
  • State and government officials.

What to expect?

During this course, you'll have access to a mixture of learning materials at a time and place that suits you:

  • Specially-made film following the experience of a family moving through the alternative care system
  • Learn and hear from world-leading experts and people working in alternative care through a series of filmed lectures, articles and reports.
  • Engagement and online discussion with an international learning community to debate about each topic, ask questions and share your opinion and experiences
  • Quizzes to help you gauge your learning and understanding.

Don't miss your chance to take part!

The course was developed by CELCIS and the University of Strathclyde and will be delivered through FutureLearn, the social learning platform.

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Event details

When: 15 May 2017
Duration: 6 weeks
Where: Online
Cost: Free

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