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Evaluation Resource

An evaluation of the We are Citizens! Ensemble care experienced theatre company project

Year: 2020 | Topic: Education, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people | Author: Dr Louise Hill, Dr Leanne McIver & Dr Brandi Lee Lough Dennell
In 2018 the Citizens Theatre, in partnership with CELCIS, was awarded funding from the Life Changes Trust’s Creative and Active Lives initiat…
Evaluation Resource

Child Participation in Child Protection Processes

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child protection, Local authority | Author: Mihaela Manole, Jillian Ingram
This report presents the main findings of a self-evaluation survey that looked at the arrangements in place in local areas to support child p…
Briefing ResourceEvaluation Resource

Lifelong Links briefing

Year: 2020 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Health and Wellbeing, Kinship care | Author: Nadine Fowler and Robert Porter
An overview of the evaluation of a trial of Lifelong Links – an innovative approach to supporting children and young people who are looked af…
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Young People Leaving Care - A Four Nations Perspective

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child protection, Corporate parenting, Foster care, Health and Wellbeing, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: The British Academy
The British Academy has undertaken a programme of work that seeks to re-frame debates around childhood in both the public and policy spaces a…
Evaluation Resource

Evaluation of National Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Trafficking Workshops

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child sexual exploitation (CSE), Child trafficking | Author: Moira McKinnon
Evaluation report of workshops delivered to Child Protection Committees Scotland to share key learning in relation to local area approaches t…
Evaluation ResourceResearch Resource

Learning from Significant Case Reviews in Scotland 2015-2018

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Care Inspectorate
This report presents the findings of a review by the Care Inspectorate of 25 Serious Case Reviews (SCRs), conducted in Scotland over the thre…
Evaluation ResourceReport ResourceResearch Resource

An Independent Evaluation of Quarriers Coaching for Life

Year: 2019 | Topic: Child protection, Corporate parenting, Health and Wellbeing, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people | Author: Nadine Fowler, Louise Hill, Charlene Plunkett, Vicki Welch (on the Annotated Bibliography only)
Report from the CELCIS evaluation of Quarriers Coaching for Life, a mentoring programme for care experienced young people.
Evaluation Resource

Caledonian System Evaluation: Analysis of a programme for tackling domestic abuse in Scotland

Year: 2016 | Topic: Domestic abuse | Author: Scottish Government
Evaluation of the Caledonian System: a programme to tackle domestic abuse in Scotland.
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Just out having a good time?

Year: 2018 | Topic: Foster care, Local authority, Residential care | Author: Leanne McIver, Vicki Welch
Evaluation of the pilot National Partnership Agreement for Looked After Children who go missing from Residential and Foster Care in Scotland
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Initial evaluation of the ‘Why Not?’ initiative developed by Care Visions

Year: 2018 | Topic: Residential care, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Dr Vicki Welch, Kenny McGhee
This short document provides a summary of initial learning from data gathered for an evaluation of the Why Not? initiative. The study was com…
Evaluation Resource

Supporting Kinship Families

Year: 2018 | Topic: Kinship care | Author: Dr Vicki Welch
Report from the evaluation of the Notre Dame Centre’s support programme for kinship families
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Aberlour Life Works Service – a qualitative evaluation

Year: 2018 | Topic: Health and Wellbeing, Looked after at home, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Dr Charlene Plunkett, Dr Vicki Welch
This mixed-methods evaluation describes the person-centred model that has evolved within the life works service.
Case study/examples of practice ResourceEvaluation ResourceReport ResourceResearch Resource

Integrated Children’s Services in Scotland

Year: 2018 | Topic: Health and Wellbeing, Legislation, Local authority | Author: Social Work Scotland
An assessment of progress and improvement in integrated children's services, published by Social Work Scotland, and a literature review.
Evaluation Resource

Notre Dame Kinship Family Support Service evaluation

Year: 2017 | Topic: Kinship care | Author: Vicki Welch
Evaluation of the Notre Dame Centre designed a designated Kinship Family Project.
Evaluation ResourceResearch Resource

Parents In Partnership Programme evaluation 2017

Year: 2017 | Topic: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Kinship care, Looked after at home | Author: Linda O'Neill, Leanne Mattu, Richard Withington and Vicki Welch
An evaluation report of the CELCIS Parents In Partnership programme, a parental and carer involvement model implemented in three high schools…
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Moneywise Project report

Year: 2015 | Topic: Health and Wellbeing, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Norma Brown
The care leaving team at Falkirk Council received funding to mitigate against the effects of the Welfare Reform Act on care leavers.
Evaluation Resource

Changing mind-sets and pioneering social work in Tajikstan: Evaluation of setting up pilot fostering project

Year: 2016 | Topic: Foster care, International | Author: Ian Milligan
In this evaluation, we report on the initial set up of a pilot fostering project in Tajikistan.
Case study/examples of practice ResourceEvaluation Resource

Relationships Matter - Facilitating conversations at an event: An organiser’s perspective

Year: 2016 | Topic: Corporate parenting | Author: Gayle Rice, Lizzie Morton
A case study of the use of the Relationships Matter toolkit to facilitate conversations with corporate parents from Scotland’s colleges.
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Independent review of residential child care in England

Year: 2016 | Topic: Residential care | Author: Sir Martin Narey
Report of Sir Martin Narey’s independent review of children’s residential care.
Evaluation Resource

Strengthening family based care, strengthening social work in Kosovo

Year: 2016 | Topic: Foster care, International | Author: Ian Milligan
For anyone interested in the operation and challenges of a care system in South-east Europe. This is a review of the care system in Kosovo.
Evaluation ResourceResearch Resource

Parents In Partnership Evaluation

Year: 2015 | Topic: Education, Health and Wellbeing | Author: Linda O'Neill
Evaluation of a developing parent and carer engagement model aimed at engaging parents and carers involvement in high school.
Evaluation Resource

Supporting birth mothers after adoption

Year: 2015 | Topic: Adoption, Health and Wellbeing | Author: Vicki Welch, Andressa Gadda, Chris Jones, Emma Young, Jennifer Lerpiniere
Latest findings highlight the support required by birth mothers after adoption.
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Residential Child Care Workers: Practice Learning Exchange

Year: 2015 | Topic: Residential care | Author: Kenny McGhee
An account of residential child care staff from three local authorities that shared learning by working in each other's workplace.
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Every person is worthwhile: Evaluation of Camphill St Andrew’s Project

Year: 2015 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Disability, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people | Author: Jennifer Lerpiniere, Emma Young, Moyra Hawthorn, Ian Milligan, Vicki Welch
The evaluation shows that St Andrew’s outreach services has been very effective in meeting the needs of children, young people, and families.…
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Measuring children and young people’s outcomes in residential education

Year: 2015 | Topic: Disability, Education, Residential care | Author: Jennifer Lerpiniere, Rachel Harris, Vicki Welch
Evaluation report of Educating through Care Scotland Pilot - an outcomes framework for children with significant additional support needs in …
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Evaluation Report: Early Years Assessment Team (Scottish Borders)

Year: 2015 | Topic: Adoption, Child protection, Foster care, Kinship care, Local authority, Looked after at home, Permanence | Author: Andressa Gadda, Vicki Welch, Malcolm Hill, Emma Young
Evaluation of a model of early intervention to improve the care and support to vulnerable families during pregnancy and once the baby is born…
Evaluation Resource

Transforming Lives: The first 18 months of the MCR Mentoring Programme

Year: 2014 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Education, Looked after at home, Residential care | Author: Dr Giovanna Fassetta, Dr Lindsay Siebelt, Iain Mitchell
A mentoring project based in Glasgow schools for looked after young people. Mentoring helps young people achieve more in education.
Evaluation Resource

Impact of the CELCIS Permanence and Care Team

Year: 2014 | Topic: Permanence | Author: Vicki Welch, Rachel Harris, Andressa Gadda, Dominique Harvey
Evaluation on the impact of the PaCT team who work with stakeholders across Scotland on permanence improvements.
Evaluation Resource

Interim review of the Permanence and Care Excellence programme

Year: 2014 | Topic: Permanence | Author: Vicki Welch, Rachel Harris, Andressa Gadda, Dominique Harvey
An interim evaluation of the Permanence and Care Excellence programme.
Case study/examples of practice ResourceEvaluation Resource

Sharing Practice to Improve Outcomes for Care Leavers

Year: 2014 | Topic: Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Kenny McGhee, Jennifer Lerpiniere
Evaluation findings from a throughcare and aftercare learning exchange between three local authorities.
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Moving forward on alternative care: Assessment of the Foster Care Pilot Project in Albania

Year: 2014 | Topic: International | Author: Irene Stevens, Graham Connelly & Ian Milligan
Our evaluation of a foster care project in Albania.
Evaluation ResourcePolicy ResourceReport Resource

Holding the Space Evaluation

Year: 2012 | Topic: Residential care, SIRCC, Voices of young people | Author: Laura Steckley
This report addresses the evaluation of the Holding the Space Training as rolled out to Action for Children’s children’s homes across Scotlan…
Evaluation Resource

Social Pedagogy and Inter-professional Practice

Year: 2012 | Topic: Residential care | Author: Evelyn Vrouwenfelder, Ian Milligan, Mark Merrell
Evaluation of an Orkney Islands Training Programme
Evaluation ResourceResearch Resource

Scottish Research on Looked After Children since 2000

Year: 2011 | Topic: Foster care, Kinship care, Looked after at home, Residential care | Author: Malcolm Hill, University of Strathclyde
This paper is based on a review of Scottish research since 2001 on services for looked after children. It focuses on studies and results rele…
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

A Summary of Policy and Research Reports relating to the Childrens Workforce

Year: 2011 | Topic: Residential care, SIRCC | Author: Cambium Advocacy
A summary of research and policy reports written between 2005 and 2011 about the values, knowledge, and skills required for an effective chil…
Evaluation Resource

Time to Be Heard Pilot Forum Evaluation: A Chance to Say More

Year: 2011 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Historical abuse, SIRCC, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Moyra Hawthorn, Andrew Kendrick
Commissioned by Scottish Government to gain an in-depth perspective of participants in the Time to Be Heard Pilot Forum.
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Social pedagogy and its links to Holding the Space

Year: 2010 | Topic: SIRCC | Author: Dr Irene Stevens
Exploring the similarities between Holding The Space (a therapeutic approach to care) and Social pedagogy (a holistic approach to child care)…
Evaluation Resource

Introducing social pedagogy into Scottish residential child care

Year: 2009 | Topic: Residential care | Author: Ian Milligan
An evaluation of the Sycamore Services social pedagogy training programme by Ian Milligan.
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Residential Child Care Qualifications Audit

Year:  | Topic: Education, Residential care | Author: SIRCC (incorporated into CELCIS)
An audit to determine whether levels of qualified staff have risen and to identify qualification trends throughout the residential child care…
Evaluation Resource

Evaluation of Brucefield case management arrangements

Year: 2008 | Topic: Residential care | Author: Ian Milligan
A consultant's final report on a pilot project focusing on Brucefield, a long-established local authority home for children and young people …
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Evaluation of SIRCC HNC in Social Care

Year: 2007 | Topic: Permanence, SIRCC | Author: Donna Liyanage
The findings from a survey of residential childcare workers who have completed the HNC in Social Care.
Evaluation ResourceReport Resource

Designing with Care

Year: 2006 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Residential care, SIRCC, Voices of young people | Author: Catherine Docherty, Andrew Kendrick, Paul Sloan, Jennifer Lerpiniere
A study examining the attitudes to a range of design interventions in four residential care homes for children in South Lanarkshire.

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