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Event Resource

Child Protection Chief Officers’ Leadership Events

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection | Author: CELCIS
As part of the current Child Protection Improvement Programme, the National Child Protection Leadership Group hosted an event for all Child P…
Report Resource

Background Paper 2 Child Neglect in Scotland: Rapid review of the literature on intervention

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Jane Scott and Brigid Daniel
The aim of this rapid review of the evidence was to identify the core and common elements and principles shown to be associated with effectiv…
Report Resource

Background Paper 3 Child Neglect in Scotland: Rapid review of legislation and policy

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Jane Scott and Brigid Daniel
The Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection, based at the University of Stirling, was commissioned by Scottish Government to undertake a ra…
Report Resource

Tackling Child Neglect in Scotland Background Paper 1: Follow-up survey 2016

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Jane Scott and Brigid Daniel, Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection, University of Stirling.
This 2016 survey was commissioned by Scottish Government to inform the Child Protection Improvement Programme and the Neglect Improvement Pi…
Report ResourceVideo Resource

National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation Progress Report 2017/18

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Moira McKinnon, Chair National CSE Group
The National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation was initially published in 2014 and updated in March 2016. This is a…
Blog Resource

Change is coming

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection, Corporate parenting, Voices of young people | Author: Judith Tait
Change is coming in the inspection of how well corporate parents are meeting their responsibilities in improving the lives of care experience…
Report Resource

National Child Sexual Exploitation Workshops Evaluation Report

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Scottish Government
The aim of the workshops were to provide an opportunity for child protection committees to share key learning in relation to local area appro…
Infographic ResourceToolkit Resource

Nightwatch CSE materials

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE) | Author: Bernardo's
These postcards and posters have been developed to support night-time economy staff with their role in preventing Child sexual exploitation.
Report ResourceResearch Resource

Analysis of Scotland’s Child Protection Committees Structures and Functions

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection, Local authority | Author: Alexander McTier and Mihaela Manole
The report sets out the extent to which Child Protection Committees and Chief Officers’ Groups across Scotland’s 32 local authority areas are…
Report Resource

Child protection: listening to and learning from parents

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Maggie Mellon
This Iriss Insight uses the evidence base to help explore how we can learn from parents whose children have been referred, in order to avoid …
Practice paper ResourceReport Resource

A programme of improvement to address neglect and enhance wellbeing

Year: 2017 | Topic: Active implementation, Child protection, Local authority | Author: Mellisa Van Dyke, Sharon Glasgow, Fiona Mitchell, Eleanor McClorey, Claire Burns (June - August report)
This is our report to update the Scottish Government about the exploration stage (September 2016 – May 2017) of our programme of improvement …
Blog Resource

What you have to say about our Caring for Vulnerable Children MOOC

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Sarah Hume-Anthony
Course moderator Sarah Hume-Anthony gives a snapshot of the interactions on the CELCIS MOOC.
Consultations ResourcePolicy Resource

Consultation response: Equally Safe – a draft delivery plan

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection, Health and Wellbeing, Legislation | Author: Lizzie Morton
We comment on the Scottish Government’s draft Delivery Plan on Equally Safe, a strategy for eradicating violence against women and girls.
Consultations Resource

Consultation response: Justice Committee ‘Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill’ – call for evidence

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection | Author: Lizzie Morton
A response to the Justice Committee’s call for evidence on the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill, which aims to improve how the justice system r…
Podcast Resource

Shifting the balance towards prevention

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection, Education, Legislation, Voices of young people | Author: Ben Farrugia
Ben Farrugia talks about the Named Person and how it affects looked after children
Policy ResourceReport Resource

Child Protection Systems Review

Year: 2017 | Topic: Child protection, Legislation | Author: Louise Hill
The Child Protection Systems Review, commissioned by the Scottish Government and supported by CELCIS, makes recommendations of what changes o…
Blog Resource

Getting the parents' point of view across

Year: 2016 | Topic: Child protection, Children's hearings system, Permanence | Author: Paul McKee
Paul McKee is an advocacy worker who helps parents to help them to express their views when decisions are being made about their children.
Event Resource

CELCIS Annual Lecture: Helping families flourish

Year: 2016 | Topic: Child protection, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people | Author: CELCIS
Watch Professor Brigid Daniel and Professor Karen Broadhurst at our inaugural lecture.
Briefing ResourceEvaluation ResourceReport ResourceResearch Resource

Evaluation Report: Early Years Assessment Team (Scottish Borders)

Year: 2015 | Topic: Adoption, Child protection, Foster care, Kinship care, Local authority, Looked after at home, Permanence | Author: Andressa Gadda, Vicki Welch, Malcolm Hill, Emma Young
Evaluation of a model of early intervention to improve the care and support to vulnerable families during pregnancy and once the baby is born…

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